Beyond the Shadows

It is once said life is a shadow on a wall, very real, but still an illusion.

The illusion has been cast, engulfing us with its emotion of sufferings, struggles, joys, gifts, highs and lows…question: if this mortal life is an illusion…should an illusion feel real?

Beyond the shadows the eternal proclaims life does not exceed four score and twenty…the mortal offers no objections as it rightly obeys this mandate and often falls way short of this mark… question: when it’s all said and done, what truly happens when we cross over to the other side.

On the other side the eternal speaks of rest first and then possible life. The mortal objects echoing through the prism of the shadows speaking life for all. The two conflicting points form a conundrum in the cast of the shadows, but the eternal claims its truth as the only certainty…question: Can truths from the shadows prove true?

We are present with the mortals as mortals we are…the eternal was said to have eternally escaped us…but we reach for eternal truths in our quest for peace on the other side… and yet its the illusion that speaks true. If a particular shadow is called a cat and a cat it has become, is it truly a cat or has it been just an illusion formed through the interpretive…question: Does being present in mortality, justify its truths as real and true through the prism of the shadows?

A wise man once said, “Life is not a bowl of cherries.” Sometimes we just have to tread through our pain, struggle, trials and tribulations and not stop and wait for the unveiling of that peace we so desperately seek. Thus while we preside in the mortal and overthrow irreverent shadows immersed with injustice…let’s be mindful in the eternal, ultimate justice for all is a prerequisite for peace. Question: Will injustice in the mortal ever have a court appearance in the eternal?

Another man once said, “ We are but shadows and dust.” This depiction of our mortality speaks volumes as the time when life begins is full of promise and hope. However, no matter what the accomplishment and satisfaction, the shadows become glaringly real as to its illusionary mind set, as the approach to the other side draws near…question: is there a true peace that one acquires before going to the other side?

It appears the mortal cannot decipher with accuracy the truths of the eternal, which by the way is rightly sought after through the prism of the shadows. The shadows being a reflection of a reality cannot and never will be a real depiction of what is true. What appears also to be grossly misdiagnosed is the essence of what that shadow represents. The mortal seems to vacillate in their interpretations of the shadows depending heavily on the rank and file of the interpreters. Thus, what is true today, may not be the same tomorrow. This supreme error of the mortal does not bode well for the living.

In the eternal, there is no vacillation of truths with various interpretations through the shadows. There are no twists, turns and adjustments as if it were feelings. The eternal issues one truth that is as “constant as the northern star”. “An ever fixed mark that looks on tempest and is never shaken.” Thus, any “wandering bark” must align itself to that constant for its truths cannot be appraised through the prism of the shadows. It is what it says it is and what it says it is, is what it is. Thus, it requires all to move beyond the shadows and discern the realities of its truths as prescribed by its Master. In that movement He says, you will find that perfection of peace, you so eagerly seek. Question: Is the life as you know it imprisoned by the realities of the shadows or does it dwell within the chambers of the eternal?

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